65 years of transport experience – safety with tradition

Heading to the Mille Miglia in Italy, to the Retro Classics in Stuttgart or to the Hamburg-Berlin Classic – classic cars are a valuable possession and are often times a shame to travel long distances on their own four wheels. Egerland and Helf transport your classic car safely, reliably and with a binding deadline. 

No matter if it’s a single treasure or a whole fleet, German- or European-wide, in one of our modern, open or dust- and liquid-proof closed transporters; we will find a suitable and individual solution fitting your circumstances. 

With us, your vehicle is in good hands.

We restore your classic car

Bring us your classic car or youngtimer and we will show you what we can make out of it. Benefit from our experienced specialists and our well-equipped workshops. We restore a variety of brands and types of all epochs, true to the original.

  • flawless damage repair based on historical models
  • faithful to the original shade
  • faithful to the original looks
  • long-lasting, quality paintwork
  • experienced and trained staff

Accelerate – Make money

Egerland and Helf can convert almost all cars with petrol engine with the optional operation of LPG (autogas).  The engine itself stays unchained when converting to LPG. The engine management of the LPG system is controlled by a separate system. Therefore, the standard automotive electronics remains untouched.

The system is powered by a liquid gas tank which can be stored in the spare wheel recess of most cars.  The LPG system switches automatically from autogas to petrol when the gas filling runs out.

For each exhaust system we offer a comprehensive warranty of up to three years or 130.000 kilometres.

LPG – the advantages

  • Conversion of almost all cars with petrol engine possible
  • Up to 700 km range in gas operation; additional, optional range of the petrol tank
  • optional drive with LPG or petrol
  • autogas is tax-privileged in Germany until end of 2018
  • conversion to autogas pays itself off  after 15.000 km
  • low maintenance costs
  • convenient financing (because of the fuel savings you have no extra costs)
  • environmentally friendly – up to 80% less pollutants than in petrol and diesel
  • just as safe as petrol and diesel vehicles
  • increasing the resale value of the vehicle
  • currently there are 5750 LPG filling stations in Germany, as well as a comprehensive coverage throughout Europe

We provide you with

  • test drives in demonstration cars
  • first tank filling for free
  • rental car on request
  • exhaust appraisals included
  • gas-system-inspection included
  • TÜV approval included
  • free inspection after 500 km
  • engine warranty through insurance included
  • high-quality installation of the system through trained staff with the expansion of the intake manifold
  • over 4000 converted vehicles through +egerland+ speak for themselves

If interested, please contact

Egerland Car Terminal Bremen
Zur Westpier 42
28755 Bremen
Telefon: 0421 688500
E-Mail: ect@egerland.de

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