Vehicle Paint Technician

Training location:

Training period:
3 years.  Under certain circumstances a reduction of the training period is possible.
Training contents:  

During your training, you will learn how to mix colours and paint vehicle components. Within the framework of accidental damage removal, you will learn easy automotive body works and will prepare the vehicles for their paintjob through filling, sanding, covering and so on.

In training above and beyond company level, you will gain insight into the manufacture of labeling as well as design- and effect paintwork, into the design of mobile advertising media and into the decorative design and painting of an object.

You have craftsmanship skills, are interested in working with vehicles, have a feeling for colours (colour vision) and enjoy creative work. You have a Certificate of Secondary Education or a comprehensive school diploma and like working in a team. 

Interested? Send your application to:

the training place Neuseddin:
CAT Automobillogistik GmbH & Co. KG
Am Fuchsbau 21
14554 Neuseddin

the training place Bremen:
CAT Car Terminal GmbH
Zur Westpier 42
28755 Bremen

the training place Emmering:
CAT Automobillogistik Süd GmbH
Reginawerk 4
82275 Emmering


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