If the new car is to arrive perfectly

CAT Automobillogistik offers you a wide range of services. We can transport new vehicles either directly from the factory to the trade or customer or we can turn them over from our compounds at key locations in Germany. We are highly efficient and reliable partners between the industry and trade.

Our service spectrum is substantial

We carry out a variety of services for our clients on our compounds. We customize the vehicles individually and transfer them with our transporters in a showroom ready state. Thanks to our broad range of services, we assemble the new vehicles exactly the way the customer ordered it.

An expert for closed transportations in Germany

A special service are closed transportations of extremely valuable and one of a kind vehicles that are not yet ready for the public to see.  All in all, 16 special transporters, which can each carry up to six cars, and one transporter for single transportations are on the field every day at the locations Neuseddin (near Berlin), Osnabrück and Bremen.

Dust- and liquid-proof transporters deliver the precious vehicles safely to its destination. These are self-explanatory. At market launches of new cars, exhibitions or similar events our customers like to draw on Egerland’s expertise. Prototypes are protected during transport against unwanted exposure.


The service spectrum of our compounds for new vehicle series

  • Pre Delivery Inspection (PDI) either single handedly or in cooperation with partners on our compounds. The PDI consists of cleaning as well as a thorough investigation and, if requested, also a technical processing of the vehicle. All work processes are IT-operated and underlie certified quality standards.
  • Storage (also sheltered) of vehicles on our huge compounds until the release order
  • Car conversions
  • Depreservation, polishing, interior and exterior cleaning, refueling
  • Conversions with fittings (workshop vehicles)
  • Conversion to gas engines
  • Decorative works, special varnishings
  • Finishing touches
  • Inserting documents
  • Car washes (manual or mechanical)
  • Preparation and transport via truck, ship or rail

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