We assume sustainable responsibility

Environment protection is an important principle in our company philosophy. Our daily actions may not pollute the environment stronger than inevitably necessary. We avoid waste products as much as we can and continuously decrease the wastage of energy and resources. It balances issues of economic, ecologic and social concerns. This principle is set by the management and is mandatory for all of our employees. Of course, we abide to the legal and governmental guidelines of environment protection of EU, BUND and countries but often we even excel them by implementing further environmental goals.

Constant monitoring

The management regularly checks the compliance of our environment protection principle and develops techniques how it can be improved in practice. We provide all necessary means and strengthen the personal sense of responsibility in our employees.

Environmental Management after DIN ISO 14001

With the implementation of our environmental management system after DIN ISO 14001 we have ensured years ago that we take all environmental aspects under consideration. Furthermore, we hold open dialogues concerning the protection of the environment, not only with our employees, but also with the public.

Sustainable action is a commitment of the whole Groupe CAT.


DIN EN ISO 14001:2015 Certificate Groupe CAT (PDF)

Press release: Regenwasser-Projekt HELF (PDF, German)

Press release: Nachhaltigkeit wird groß geschrieben (PDF, German)

Company policy (PDF, German)


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