What defines our action

In our daily work, solid economic thinking and acting as well as reliability are the central motifs. In addition, we improve continually and proactively our corporate processes and develop them with innovative ideas and concepts into a growing range of services. Our philosophy and our innovative skills form the foundation of the CAT group success since decades. A solid basis for a trustworthy partnership between our customers and our employees resulted from this.

In addition, we have three principles which define our daily activities and support our company’s success:

Quality requirement

  • We deliver services of a high quality. This ensures the trust and satisfaction of our customers.

  • We use our quality management system to ensure our quality standards and to increase our economic efficiency..

  • We bind our employees into our quality aspects.

Environmental awareness

  • We are committed to environmental protection.

  • We set goals within our environment management system which go beyond the legal requirements.

  • We bind our employees into the sustainable environment protection in order to give the next generations an environment worth-living-for.

Employee satisfaction

  • We, as a former family-owned company, put our employees in the centre of our economic activity.

  • We know of our responsibility concerning our employees and always strive for a long-term, successful cooperation.

  • We understand the active safety and health protection for our employees as an essential part of our corporate culture.

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